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Second Suite / Legal Duplex Experts

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The Second Suite – Legal Duplex Experts at The Granite Group specialize in converting your basement into a money generating – legal duplex.

Chris and his team have spent a great amount of time researching the proper procedures and information to be able to efficiently install a legal second suite. These include:

  • By-Law Procedures
  • Fire Regulations
  • Town and Zoning Regulations
  • Cost Effective Solutions

The process involves many regulations and can be intimidating. This is where The Granite Group works with you to simplify the process. You work with us through the design process and then The Granite Group takes it from there. If you are thinking about installing a new legal duplex in barrie or legalizing and existing rental second suite, The Granite Group will ensure all legal and building code compliance are met, provide any cost savings options, and get you making money in a timely manor.

Get free information, a consultation, and estimate by contacting our experts today and let us show you how your space can start making you a second income.

Example Revenue Potential

Renovation Cost: $50,000.00
Income: $1,200.00/Month + Utilities

Revenue (5 years): $72,000.00
Revenue (10 years): $144,000.00

On top of your monthly rental income, installing a second suite has many more revenue generating capabilities including:

  • Increasing value of home
  • Annual rental increases
  • Paying down mortgage principle quicker

Free Information and In-Home Consultation

Contact us today to speak with our second suite specialist in Barrie. We will provide you with information and a consultation in your home to see how a legal duplex can work for you.